Disinfectants and biocidal regulations

Disinfectants and hydroalcoholic gels are considered biocides because they contain an active substance intended to destroy harmful organisms by chemical action.

In group 1, which is the group of disinfectants, 5 Types of Products (TP) are defined: 

  • TP 1 : biocidal products for human hygiene (healthy skin)

Skin antisepsis products that can be applied to injured skin are covered by the directive on proprietary medicinal products.  

Body hygiene and skin care products comply with cosmetic regulations.  

  • TP 2 : surface disinfectants, materialto, equipment and furniture sans direct contact with food or feed. 

Products for disinfection of medical devices fall under the Medical Devices Directive.  

  • TP 3 : biocidal products for veterinary hygiene


  • TP 4: disinfectants for domestic use for surfaces in contact with food and animal feed (sink, worktop, refrigerator).


  • TP5: Biocidal products for the disinfection of drinking water for humans and animals